Friday, August 26, 2011

Are you readyto take the "natural scrolling" challenge?

When Apple released OS X 10.7 Lion, one of the primary gripes among power users (myself included) was the switch implemented with "natural scrolling". This changed the previous scrolling behavior, in which the content moved down when the finger moved down (either on a trackpad, or by rolling a scroll wheel). I, like others, though they just couldn't leave well enough alone. But I decided to give it a try for a while, just to see how it felt. After just a few days I found that I actually preferred the new "natural scrolling". So much so, that when I switch back to a machine running Snow Leopard or Windows, using a trackpad for scrolling feels unnatural. I really think they might be on to something here, especially as we move into a more touch-oriented era of personal computing. So I challenge all the Lion users complaining about this change to "give it a week". You might actually end up liking it.