Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey Adobe! Your propaganda is transparent...

No one is telling developers that they can't use Flash. And your attempts to paint Apple as the villain in this campaign are misguided.

Mr. Jobs gave you the best advice for your business and products. Stop focusing on controlling the platform. Instead, build the best products you can for working with open formats and standards. We're coming to the end of an era in that respect, and the world is moving away from your model.

The web is a platform. We don't need a platform on top of it that is controlled by a single entity. If you think that's exactly what Apple's doing, you're wrong. Apple leverages open formats and standards to integrate the web on their devices. The only thing Flash leverages the web for is to deliver proprietary media files to the end-user. 

In case you didn't know already, wikipedia makes it pretty clear: "...multimedia embedded in this way is either unavailable or notoriously difficult to access for those without the Flash Player." That pretty much says it all.

The real disservice you're doing is to your customers. You're creating a platform battle where none is needed. You should be shepherding your customers through these times of change, and empowering them by providing access and guidance in how to transition to these new standards. By doing so, you endear yourself to the audience and make yourself into an invaluable and trusted resource (rather than a necessary evil).

Do you see the difference?

Nice design though...

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