Tuesday, May 18, 2010

iPad vs. Kindle: The race to the middle

I've been saying for over a year that this is the battle to watch...

It's effectively a race to the middle, with the Kindle starting from the low end and the iPad coming from the high end. At some point they reach near parity in features and functionality. In the end it's going to come down to apps and content...

Amazon Beefs Up Its Kindle Team to Take on the iPad [Kindle]:
Nick Bilton flags a surge of job openings at Amazon, all for the Kindle team. Word is that Amazon's working on a touchscreen color Kindle, and if anything, this hiring spree shows that they're not screwing around: They're gathering software engineers, new QA staff and apparently talking to game publishers about games for the platform. This wouldn't be a Kindle 3, it'd be a Kindle tablet. More »

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